Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the only Bessinger's in town?

Yes, there is only one Bessinger's Barbeque location in Charleston. There are other restaurants in South Carolina owned by relatives of Thomas Bessinger; however, they are not affiliated with Bessinger's Barbeque.

What is the difference between a Big Joe and a Little Joe?

If you're really hungry, pick our Big Joe sandwich (named after Bessinger family patriarch Joseph “Big Joe" Bessinger), a full 8 ounces of tender, hand-pulled barbequed pork. Smaller appetites might consider the Little Joe, which is a condensed, 5-ounce version of the popular sandwich.

What's the secret in your sauce?

While we're keeping the full recipe under our hat, we can tell you that our Original Gold Recipe sauce contains mustard, vinegar, Worcestershire, sugar and spices. The secret, however, is in the amount we add of each and how we blend it to perfection.

What is the carbohydrate and fat content of your sauce?

We are proud to say that our famous sauces have no fat and are low in carbohydrates — another great reason to enjoy Bessinger's Barbeque.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

We do not serve alcoholic beverages in the restaurant.

Does Bessinger's deliver?

Bessinger's does not deliver unless catering an event of 50 or more people, but come by and pick up a Party Pack at the restaurant for your next small get-together. Each pack, perfect for a tailgating party or small family gathering, comes with barbequed pork, our famous hash, rice, slaw and rolls. Prices range from $64 to $368, depending on the number of people, and excluding tax. Call us at (843) 556-1354 to reserve yours today.

Does Bessinger's cater?

Absolutely. Call us, and we'll send our When Pigs Fly Catering service out to your next group event — be it a wedding, family reunion or office party — to serve up some of the best barbeque and veggies to be had.

Do you have a banquet room?

Yes, we do have a dedicated banquet room. Please contact us for booking information.

What are your hours?


  • Monday – Saturday
  • 10:30 – 9:00
  • Sunday
  • 11:00 – 9:00

However, closing hours change from season to season, so please call us at (843) 556-1354 before you head over.