The Golden Secret

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Golden Secret

For nearly 60 years, Thomas Bessinger has been brewing up the best barbeque sauce known to man, and we aren't the only ones who think so!

In fact, the New York Times Magazine described the sauce as “terrifically balancing the tangs of mustard and vinegar with a wood fire's charry flavor." While helping his dad, Joseph “Big Joe" Bessinger, as a teenager in the kitchen of the family's first restaurants, Thomas learned the secret recipe for the gold sauce – a mustard-based sauce that's legendary in South Carolina.

While we can't divulge the secret ingredients, we can tell you that it's all natural, made with only the finest ingredients, low in carbohydrates and fat-free. It's become so popular that we mix huge quantities using 350-gallon stainless steel mixing pots, but Thomas still makes sure that each batch is prepared with the same care and attention given by his father many years ago.

Whether you use it for basting, dipping or marinating anything from pork and ribs to chicken, burgers or even seafood, you'll find that a bottle of Bessinger's is truly the gold standard for barbeque sauces – bar none.

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At Bessinger's Barbeque, you'll get true Carolina-style Southern barbeque carefully prepared with the highest-quality ingredients and a personal touch.

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